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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home and broken Hearth

HT and I have returned after a week of fun and frolicking in the land of FarmWife. Well, maybe not so much frolicking, at least not in the way I picture it, you know "Milo and Otis" style.
I could hardly run from tree to tree in Great Grandma's yard let alone a whole field. HT could almost run an acre or two. Then what almost 3 year old can't?

HT had a great time. He mowed grass with Pa at Grandma and Grandpa M&M's, spent time in the same room with cousin's P, L and B, they were playing together but only they knew it, went swimming and hot tubing with Pa at the hotel, babysit BabyGirl, raided #1 Son and BB's room claiming all toys with wheels, farmed and swam with Uncle Gick, helped Great Grandma Busha walk Pete and Pepper all over their BIG yard, killed Auntie Di then kissed her big toe to bring her back to life, hunted Jake cat in Grandpa Bucka shed, and finished his week by entertaining most of the people at church after getting away from Grammy then visiting with the piano player and crawling behind the minister and ending his journey laying down in front of the organ. You know it is funny when it is someone else.

99.9% of this past week was good but something else has been going on since before I left and with my return home that small percentage took a large leap and in the process broke most of my heart. Being very unsure how to proceed I am now in a state. I would like to hold one person responsible but there are 2 people in this web and I don't know how willing the second person was to be a part of the foolish.
I have been and will continue to pray about this but it is painful for Pa and me. I am not good with both keeping my mouth shut or voicing my feeling. I tend to say to much or say the wrong thing. So join me in praying that only what God wishes to be said is said or silence kept golden.