Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm calling it a night. Is that a good thing. You ask ? .......... YES
.......BEcause right now I would just like to randomly punch people in the face...............I don't have anyone in mind just people. I would just like to walk around somewere and punch people.

I have been like this for a little while now first I couldn't stop crying over nothing, I don't cry... really, I don't....... well I do over old movies... that don't count. I cried just because it was getting dark .
Then I woke up with pain in my neck and spent the weekend getting that worked out or some such thing.
Today started out OK but about noon it started to twist and here I am.
I tried to watch comedy TV, my dead dog is funnier then what TV has to offer. I tried a new movie and the same thing could be said about the movie. WHAT DO PEOPLE DO TO LAUGH IF THEY DON'T LIKE STUPID MOVIES FILLED WITH HALF NECKED WOMEN AND MEN GETTING HIT IN THE CROTCH? Does Hollywood know how to make anything else? Those people need to get a life outside of the dog pound for Pete sake. Talk about inbreeding. There is a big old world out here and all they can do is make the same stupid movie sixteen hundred ways and then make it a TV sitcom and run it for 5 years.

I don't like being like this , no, not at all. I don't know what is causing it and that adds to my desire to punch someone. I don't like the feeling of wanting to punch someone I'm not the punching type.

And now that I have put this down I'm going to bed and just maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.