Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So long

In just a few short hours I should be leaving the land of Crud and heading to Normal.
I gave up yesterday and went to the doctor. He was kind enough to agree with me. Something he doesn't like to do as he is a cautious doctor who believes its his job to find out exactly what is wrong.
I have sinus infection. So now after another dose of antibiotics the pain should subside and the really hard part of getting well begins. That would be taking all of the medicine, something I have never been good at, once I feel better I start to forget, I try but I forget.
Well its time for chicken soup and another dose of "House" maybe a nap soon this trip will be over and I will have to get busy putting our house back together.

Monday, February 19, 2007

"House" Bound

Pa caught his yearly cold last week. He finely gave up and stayed home Thursday and Friday, by then I had it to. We went to town to get soup, meds and some movies.
We don't have cable or local stations so its DVDs or nothing anyway we got a couple of movies and ended up in the TV section.
I remembered that FW's youngest son said that "House" was his favorite show. We picked up first disc. 4 days and 2 seasons later we have to agree with BB it is one of our favorite shows.
Pa said this reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and what do you know. House lives at 221B and has Dr. Wilson instead of Dr. Watson.
I also thought it had a lot in common with the old Dr.Kildare movies.
At any rate if you find yourself down sick with a cold you might want to check out BB's favorite show. It might take your mind off all the meds, hankies and cough for a hour or so at a time.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just can't wait to get on the road again

We spent a lot of time on the road this weekend. Big surprise for Grandpa & Grandma M&M and lots of fun for all. That is if you don't think about the packing and unpacking and all the road time, but, if it wasn't for that we wouldn't have our theme song, so "lets get on the road again".
Heir to the Throne and Princess were the reason for the trip north. Big Daddy Axel didn't get to go, he had to work and since he hates cold it's good he stayed home.
When we got to G&G's Pa goes in, while Princess and I are unloading HT, then he comes back out to get us. I just knew that G&G could see Princess. Pa got clear into the house with the baby before they saw her come in behind us. Then they really saw what Pa was carrying and it was like Christmas morning.
Grandma said something about chicken and noodles for a later visit from another grandchild and a pie in the oven because Uncle Greenteeth and Aunt Silver Bell thought Friday night would be a nice night for a visit. She said Aunt Silver Bell said they wouldn't fix dinner they would just have and I said pizza! Grandma said OH and starts to laugh.
After all the excitement died down at Grandpa & Grandma M&M's Grandpa said " do you know how cold it is" Yes we know its cold.
Later that night after U.G and A. SB visit along with the pizza. Pa and I went over to U.G.&A.SB's on way we found out that we really didn't know how COLD it was.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you're just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric. ~Pam Brown

Grandchildren don't stay young forever, which is good because Grandpas have only so many horsey rides in them. ~Gene Perret

Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete. ~ Marcy DeMaree

A week can be so long and this house so empty when the little ones don't come to visit.~ Bucka

Honey I'm so glad to see you come and glad to see you go.~ My Grandma Y

Monday, February 05, 2007

What a weekend

The barn caught fire!! But all is well just wanted you to know. That was the phone call just before bed. It was my SIL calling and they were off to hospital to be checked out and would call when back home.
While I waited, and prayed that all would be well with them, Bubba came home with the news that Chicago lost. I said Indy must be having a good time to night.He wasn't poor boy. After that I was feeling bad for my dad and some friends who have been Chicago fans for such a long time. Well maybe next year. It could happen.
My dad is or was a fan of just about every team that came out of Chicago. I guess that is on account of growing up down state.

Well Unkie Di calls and doctor tells them they should be fine except irritated throats for a couple of days. Thank you Lord.
I headed to bed and that is when it started to unnerve me.
Years ago Pa, the children and I were headed home after a day in the park. There was a old barn on fire I wanted Pa to stop so we could watch the fireman put it out, having never seen anything like this. We were a good ways down the road from the barn so Pa stopped. The windows came down and in moments there was a roar that I can still hear. The windows went up and we went home.
Even though I knew that everyone was safe and sound. I started seeing them in that barn fighting that fire. I know that barn and I could picture what was going on and what could have happened. As I started to get all worked up and scared God began to show me how He worked out the good in it, the small things that ended up being big and important things.
I fell asleep thanking Him for His blessings.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pink, Pink, Pink

I'm so happy I'm getting a new granddaughter. Baby Girl has been praying for a sister for a long time now and I am happy for her.
Farm Wife wanted a girl and I'm happy for her. Farm Boy needs another girl to help teach him the ways of women.
But mostly I'm happy for me. I'm counting on this one having thick black hair with just a little curl. It comes from my dad's side of the family and is so pretty. I wanted one of mine to have it, they all got the thick hair but no black.
I will also tell you that I want her to look just like her mother.Shoot... I just want her to be a little carbon copy of her mom, except for the hair. I love my children and would love to see them as children again. I know it sounds weird but I think it would be so cool to sit and hold the baby and say FW this is you all over again.
Then the next time Princess has a baby it can be her carbon copy and some day Bubba can have his....oh what joy...
If this little dream doesn't come true... so what.
I'm getting a new Granddaughter!
Baby Girl and I need to go shopping. We need to find matching dresses, coats, shoes and hair ribbons lots and lots of ribbons. Maybe even tea party's.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

To May be my Birthday

It is officially my birthday.
I was born at night but it wasn't last night.
My dad says it was just moments after mid-night.
Dr. Kretch, who took great interest and care of us, said " we got us a girl." Then When it came time for the paper work he said "I don't want her being called a little groundhog" so he changed the birth hour.
Mother doesn't remember it happening that way and over the years there have been some interesting conversations between the two of them.
All I have is a little card from the hospital crib that says 11PM and a good story.
I am thankful I didn't have to share the day with the hog. There is no doubt that I would have ended up in my fair share of trouble. I was a shy kid, afraid of my own shadow, if I got picked on I would try to get away. If I couldn't then I would get mad start crying and the fist would start flying. I just didn't and don't have the personality it takes to stand up under the pressure of sharing the day with a groundhog. So Thank you Dr. Kretch.
I do have a nephew who does have what it takes. Tomorrow he will be 30.

30 Wonderful years.

Count them 1 2 3 4.........15 16 17......22 23 24.....27 28 29 30!!

30!Wonderful years.

Sesame Street was brought today by the letters J L and the number 30

At least I think it is.