Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slow Recovery

It has been one week since I started down this road of recovery. The doctors say it will be a 6 week process if nothing else interferes. My days seem to mimic a small roller coaster, a time of even going then a fast drop bring on a deep weariness and need for nap. My chest feels like it has a tight wrap around it with a weight sitting in the middle of it that can get heavier and lighter depending on the hour.
I hope I never have pneumonia again.
Princess and Axle brought HT over last night for a visit. He has missed his toys and Grammy and I believe this past week he has lost the last little bit of his baby-ness and is now all little boy now. Time for Peter Pan to take him to Neverland for a time.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I have the flu.

My grand kids are disappointed that it is not the swine flu.

Since Pa and I try to make the grands happy as much as possible. I have given thought to going to hospital in hopes of picking up the bug just to bring celebrity to their lives. How many pre-k, first and third graders in cornfield America could brag on that?

"Hey my mom has a cold"

" My brother is throwing up"

"So my dad is throwing up and has diarrhea"

"Well my Grammy has swine flu"

You just can't get bigger points on the play ground, that's headline news stuff. They would be surrounded by bug eyed buddies wanting in on all the juicy details. By the end of the day everyone would know and there would be a hush as they walked down the hall, even the eighth graders would stand in awe.

I can just picture their moment in the sun, Hollywood style.

Soorrrrrry you'll just have to live through the shame of Grammy having the plan old fashion flu.