Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's cool and rainy down here today. The cool part is the new part as we have had lots and lots of rain over the past 2 months.

Big News in the Realm
HT (heir to the thrown) is now sleeping in a cool new bed. Lighting McQueen is on the headboard or should that be the headplastic and also at the foot of the bed.
It is a red and blue bed. The red parts are plastic and the blue are metal.
I wasn't that big on this bed as it didn't look sturdy enough or classy enough to suit me. I' thinking about little girls too.

I looked around until I found a nice looking wood bed, at Toy's R Us, and a little wood table and chairs. Pa started to put the table together and the wood screw striped out just that fast, thus ending the whole wood being better concept.

FW told me that last night she laid down with Bitsy on her bed and Bitsy is the last of 4 to use that bed so there goes the sturdy issue. Lets get this straight between Bisty and FW the weight would total 125.

My next concern was,will he stay in the bed or will I have to tie him down. Let me tell you this child is good, so far no effort has been made to see what happens if he gets out of bed even after he wakes up. I'm very happy.

The next news event is potty training.
I wish it was as easy as changing to the new bed. After a week of trying and watching I'm not sure that HT is making the connection between him and the wet yet. He will try to go potty when you set him down but he isn't making the dash when the urge hits. We'll just keep trying and when he conquers we are going to the beach.

Maybe Bitsy would like go too as she is farther along in the dry pantie race.