Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

no no NO

Guess what HT has found at Grammy's. That's right the VCR and DVD along with the lamp cord and all in the same day. I really thought we would at least make to Christmas before I got to join the Mean Mom's group but no.
I said no at least 150 times yesterday, moved the boy away, gave him a toy, fed him and yes even popped the little hand before the electricity could get to it. Nothing seemed to work.
Pa comes home from work and with just 1 no breaks the boys heart and he doesn't go near the equipment again until Mom gets here.
I must be losing my grip.
This same thing happened to my parents.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Anyone for BBQ

Pa took HT and me to the Jack Daniel's annual BBQ. No we didn't have any Jack Daniel's but I'm sure there were lots of recipes made with it.
Little history JD is produced over in Moore county and that is a dry county. Dry means no liquor is sold there. Smart people.
It was a bright sunny day but still cool and before we could turn to go to Lynchburg we had to go the other way to Wal-mart. Half way over we realized the boy had no jacket. Once that job was done we were off to see what was cooking.
The smell was wonderful and you could have made yourself sick on BBQ but there was also lots of other goodies. We came home with fudge and honey but my big buy was pot scrubbers.
These aren't just any pot scrubbers they are made out of netting and are knitted or crocheted. The best you can buy.
HT enjoyed the people and the farm animals. He and a horse got nose to nose. Then this nice lady let him set on a saddle, that was on a hay bale and Pa took pictures. HT wanted to keep the saddle so I guess Pa will just have to buy him a pony.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I feel like a dish rag that has been hung out to dry. I can't tell what all has been going on this past month because I can't remember. My Dad did well with his surgery and now they are looking at his heart for some trouble. By Christmas we should know everything, no need to get in a hurry.
I did have a good time with FW and the farmhands but we didn't get to play cards or domino's.

Grandson HT has become my new best friend. I started keeping him last month and that is why I haven't posted. I'm out of shape and old, so when he goes home I go to bed, telling myself that all I need is a good nights rest and tomorrow I will get more done. HA HA HA.
Last weekend was a real treat with a house full of Grands. We were busy having a good time. #1 son told me I needed a swing set and I told him I needed a new house first. He wanted to know why and I said so we would have more bedrooms. He said we could put the swing set right here. I don't think he will be much help in getting a new house.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Monday, October 01, 2007

There are somethings that the cruise lines leave out of their advertising.

Your ticket will get you a room,food and some drinks.

The room is kept real neat, you have the option of fresh towels after each shower. Drop your towel on the floor and in the morning after you leave for breakfast your room is cleaned and fresh when you get back. Use up a towel drop it and after dinner when you return there is a clean fresh towel.

Go to the evening show come back your bed is turned down, there are mints, the news letter for the next day and fresh towels made into a creature of some kind.

The food is wonderful and if you don't like what you picked out, just pick something else off the menu. Go get pizza at mid-day or mid-night, then help yourself to ice cream. I have no idea what time they close those lines down or if they do. You can have meals in the dinning room, in your room or out on deck.

Drinks you have your choice of tea,coffee, lemonade, apple juice, milk and water. BUT if you want a coke it will only cost you 2 bucks tip included.

I like coke but not that much, but I could only take so much of the other stuff and had to give in a few times. Now, I would have been OK if I would have known this before I got on that ship. But somewhere along the line I missed the information about cokes costing extra. I wasn't happy and was even less happy when Pa told me I could have gotten a drink card that would have saved on the cokes. Oh well.

Don't take a travel Iron with you, they don't let you use them. Do take a flashlight with you because even though it could never happen, ha ha, the lights might go out.

Tue.night getting ready for the formal night and the lights go out. I had 2 small ones and somehow the one Pa carries at work. Next time Pa won't fuss about the junk we don't need.Ha ha.

One last thing if you like jewelry take lots of money every place you stop has lots of jewelry shops,Margaritavilles and extra adventures that all cost $,$$,$$$ or$$$$

So if you get the chance go but go with knowledge