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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Name that Tune?

"Angels and archangels may have gathered there, Cherubim and seraphim thronged in the air; But his mother only, in her maiden bliss, Worshiped the beloved with a kiss."

I got my shipment of books and goodies from Dover Publishing this week.
One of the books Princess ordered was "Christmas Carols Complete Verses" this year, for a while I will be along to sing along and get it right. Then I will have to give Princess the book and will go back to putting in my own words.

This remains me of when Princess was little. One Christmas season we had been to church and Bubba was not happy. We wrestled him down to get his coat & hat on, wrestled him into his car seat, out of his car seat and coat when we got home. Then found out what it was that had made him so upset. He was mad because Princess had her own Christmas song and he did not have one. It took Pa and I a while to figure out that he was hearing Princess's name in one of the songs. We had to sing all the songs we had sang that morning a couple of times before he could tell us which one was Princess's song.
Now every year when I hear that carol I can see his little face with the sad look because he didn't have a song.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

How could I have forgotten North and South.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well the day is done and I should have gone to bed but I wanted to look something up. Guess what, I forgot what it was, and that I was even going to look something up.
First I checked e-mail and then looked at some blogs and ended with this. I could blame it on the pain med's but I haven't had any today. So I guess it is just me, yea I'm sure its just me, since I tend to do this a lot.

Patrick Swayze, that's what started all this.
Pa and I were watching Red Dawn and I said that it was made after Dirty Dancing because Patrick was a star when he made it and he wasn't a star until after DD. and that FarmWife and Princess were both swing and swaying to DD. along with 2 other little girls one New Years eve.
I was wrong, I know that is hard to believe but its true. I know that he was in a boy teen movie was it The Lords of Flatbush or the Outsiders and just which one of those was really a good movie?
I like movies, I love movies or at least I love mostly old movies. The ones they make today are lacking, greatly lacking, mostly bad remakes of old movies. One will come out and I will think maybe this time and so I will rent it and after watching will wish I had saved my money.
We did rent Amazing Grace today and I liked it. I think every kid should see it and their parents to. I learned several things while watching it and would like to take some time to read up on that period of history as it put in place some important social changes that we still have today.
I'm off to check out Swayze movies just so it won't bug me all night and I don't get my good nights rest.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Faster and Faster

Did we not just start the month? Why then are we running short of time?
Thanksgiving is in the air and suddenly it seems like it will all be over tomorrow.
I had shoulder surgery last Friday and maybe it was the drugs they used on me that caused a time warp. I never do very well with this going under and coming out from under. Runs in my family I guess we just like the nap or hate the nausea, either way it takes lots of time to get back to reality.
But Thanksgiving is here and will soon be gone and I haven't done one thing to make our house look like we are celebrating. No Pilgrims, no pumpkins or Indian corn and no cornucopia. I love cornucopias I love to see all the bounty falling out of them. I love the color that fills them.Most of all I love the blessing and richness that they represent.
This Thanksgiving will have it blessings, even if our house is dressed in its everyday dress. It will have its color and richness and will fill us as we share our thankfulness.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Happy Sadie Hawkins day!
Thanks to Al Capp and the folks in Dogpatch USA.
Girls can now run down and catch themselves a husband one day a year.
I think Farmwife should keep my grandson's in the house tomorrow. I will be keeping HT in because you never know some young thing may just have her cap set on one of these good looking boys.
I will however have Bubba out and about. Just hoping.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

one for all

Bubba and Pa took the soul test and it turns out that all three of us are 'dreaming souls'

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh yes I remember

My niece left me a note and caused me to remember our college apartment. She said "she had me beat in the no storage department". She is so right.
Pa and I lived in one of those apartments when we were in college. They must have figured that you were going to be to poor to have need of storage space. They were right we were poor but we could have used more closet space.
We were living there when Farmwife was born. It was a good thing she didn't have a lot of thing to start out with.
I loved my time at college. I made some great friends there.
Pam and Shirley were my best friends and got me through the first year of school. I was a very shy person. Pam didn't know a stranger.
The funny part was that Pam dated Pa's roommate and best bud and I don't remember meeting Pa until the end of my first year. I know that we had to have spent a little time around each other when P& P were dating. I just think that is so funny because at the end of the year when we did spend the day together we became friends.
After we married and went back to school Shirley's parents had taken the job of houseparents for married students.
The apartments were just being built and I got to pick out the colors I wanted for our apartment.Green or gold it was the 70's I picked gold.
Pa also painted our bedroom a raspberry red because we could do that.
After we moved out a new rule was put into effect and all the apartments had to stay white or off white because someone painted their bedroom some wild color that took a lot of primer to fix before they could rent the place the next year.
Brenda became my best friend when Pa and I were in married student housing. She got me through my first pregnancy. I was scared to death and every time we started talking about taking care of the baby she would tell me "don't worry it'll come to you" and most of it did. I was so surprised.
Funny what one thing can make you think of.
I guess I have spent most of my adult life wanting more storage room. I want a attic like the one in Little Women but I also want a sleeping porch up stairs and I want a dog run and a squared off window room just for the Christmas tree like Grandma Benson had.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Summer is gone!
I can tell because it is getting cold out side.
I know that because I have had to run out to the recycle can 3 times today and I have only cleaned part of the kitchen. Water bottles and baby food containers are my day to day nightmare. They seem to grow when you turn out the kitchen light.
I hate news paper too I can't stand to have it laying around. Makes me nutty. By all this you may think I'm a neat freak Ha Ha Ha not by a long shot. I just don't have any storage space so there are little groups of things here, there and yon.
Our house is so lacking in storage space that I could hide the kids presents in my closet in plane sight. It is a walk-in and you can only make it half way because Christmas,camping, pictures and bedding are stored in the back half of it.
I remember, back in college, having dinner at Pa's professor's house. She told of just moving into their new house, from a trailer, all excited about having so much more room. But filled the house without getting anything new because they had been packed so tight in the trailer.
I look forward to the day when my laundry is not in my kitchen and the bedrooms only have bedroom things.

Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Over

I'm waiting for HT to return from his fun filled weekend with Mom.
I didn't get much done at least not that most people would see. I am free of 2 bags of paper receipts and junk mail that got piled up over the summer.
I spent two days shopping for Christmas. Well, really it was three days. HT and I went last Wed. to check out the up coming sale. Having found out that it was stock merchandise we went on to other things. Sell is Friday at 4pm and I get there early to gather up all my stuff. Pa even meets me there to pick out a few things and off to the checkout we go. Big surprise its Thursday. I didn't want to put back some of my goodies because it had taken so long to pick them out. The nice lady set them back for me and Friday at 4pm we got our goodies on sale.
The good thing about all this is that on friday I also got my new glasses back in to the eyecare place to get them fixed, couldn't see out of them after dark.
well HT is here and wants to help so I'm done000

Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's a Holiday

Princess has worked like a mad man this past month and now has 4 whole days off. Princess is the visual person at Macy's up in the big city.
That means she sets up all the displays you enjoy when shopping. Starting in September all this display business gets nuts with change every few weeks until at last Christmas is up and running.
With her 4 days off she gets HT and some sleep and I get to sleep and recover from my new work out program. You know the one, lift the baby, move the baby on and on. Some of these muscle's haven't been used in years. Soon the gates will have to go up, I'm not sure I can even lift my legs that high anymore. Oh well.
Today I get to clean house, pay bills, and go shopping or maybe just take a nap. It's my holiday