Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Its Winds Day

I'm not sure but I think the middle of our state is being blown away. I haven't worked up the courage to look out side and see.
At one time I lived not far from the "windy city" and that is what this puts me in mind of.
Do you know how Chicago got it's nick name? I was told that it was because of the wind whipping across the plains and off the lake.
Not true as it turns out "windy" was the name given to the politicians who wanted to host the World's Fair. They sent a group of men to speak to the fair committee and then like all good politician's talked and talked until the newspapers dubbed them "windy".
They did host the fair and they still have the nickname. Today if your standing in Chicago and that wind whips through you, you'll know one of the reason why they still have their nickname. Then if you listen to their politicians you'll know the other.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Your Driving Is is: 37% Male, 63% Female
According to studies, you generally drive like a typical female.You are a careful, skilled driver. And you are patient in sticky driving situations.You may get aggressive from time to time, but normally you're a cool, collected driver.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Brain

***Your Brain is 47% Female, 53% Male***
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female You are both sensitive and savvy Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve
What Gender Is Your Brain?http://www.blogthings.com/whatgenderisyourbrainquiz/

This makes me feel so much better about my self. Even if its just one of those fun sites I accept the finding.
Pa might not go along with the rational and reasonable part. I certainly wasn't rational or reasonable when it came to anyone messing with my children. The truth is I'm still that way.
If I have to deal with so one over the phone and they give me the run a round I can become unreasonable very fast. My bookkeeping isn't rational at all to him.
My world is uncharted territory to him most of the time. Maybe the mixture is the problem. Oh well he the one who says "its not a marriage it an adventure".

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Do you have a favorite rhyme?
Farm Wife had a book of nursery rhymes and she loved it. She loved it so much that I could read it with out looking.
A diller, a dollar,
A ten o'clock scholar;
What makes you come so soon?
You used to come at ten o'clock,
And now you come at noon.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Heir

Today I get to keep Princess's little man. He woke up starving and I couldn't get that bottle ready fast enough.
Pa has a picture of him on our computer. He is wearing a cute outfit, that he could get lost in. Today he is wearing that same outfit and he is about to bust out the seams. I look at him and am amazed at how big he is. I told my mom that he is bigger then both his parents. I just know he'll hit 6 feet or more some day. But not today
Today he is just a little guy who when he finished he bottle and got a dry bottom became real smiley and had lots to tell me and the fringe on the sofa. Oh the stories I have been told.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I have been tagged

1. A Book that Changed Your Life: The Story of Pocahontas ... it gave me a love of reading
2. A Book You've Read More Than Once: Christy
3. A Book You'd Take onto a Desert Island: The Bible.... its got everything
4. A Book That Made You Laugh: Knock Knock joke book or maybe that was Farm Wife's reaction and retelling of the jokes.
5. A Book That Made You Cry: Angel Unaware
6. A Book You Wish Had Been Written: How to get a college degree without writing term papers.
7. A Book You Wish Had Never Been Written: Catcher in the Rye
8. A Book You're Currently Reading: The Priest
9. A Book You've Been Meaning To Read: Our Crowd....just one of half a bookcase full
10. Now Tag Five People You Want to Hear From: Silver Bell, Zann, Ang, AO and Random Grace should any of they come by
Does the weather know it is not riding on a roller coaster? One day the sun is out and the next its gray and rain/snow is moving in.
My head feels like a beach ball in hurricane season. One day in the beach bag the next its being bounced around.
My house looks like a tornado has come for vacation. There is a whirlwind mess here, one there, another over there.
Last night I was nuts enough to decide to take down the Christmas tree, thinking that would help. Yes, that's right the tree and that's another story. So I spent the evening boxing and re boxing the ornaments. Then I just gave up and called it a night. Today the sun is out and I have a new found hope. I will get my house back together.....I will.....I will....I will......I need to go to Jamaica

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wandering mind makes discovery

My parents have lots of siblings. I have known that my whole life. You couldn't miss all those tall people running around grandma's house. I know they are related because Mom was forever saying " go give this to Aunt A B or C, take this over to Uncle D F or G.
Over the years I have made list of all my aunts and uncles names, who they married and their children, like most girls do. I never made any big discoveries in all theses years.
Then one day, while Pa and I were headed to the big city, my mind was wandering and I got to thinking about my family. My Dad's family has had a lot of deaths these past ten years, so I was thinking about who all is gone and who is still here. Then I got to counting my folks siblings again.
For the first time and to my surprise I realized that both families have equal numbers of boys and girls. In Dad's there are 5 boys and 5 girls in Mom's 4 girls and 4 boys.
How in the world did I miss that all these years. I do not know, I may even have known it but forgot it. At any rate I know it now and I think it is really cool.
My grandmothers were quite remarkable women to have worked that out so nicely. OK so it wasn't them. They deserve the credit anyhow.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Far away

Days like these are really hard to live with. Farm Wife and the Farm Hands are feeling low down and I can't go help make things better. I wouldn't really be a whole lot of help as far as the Farm Hands go. Like most little people Mom is the only one who can make their world better.
I could do chores and make a pot of soup and read books things like that but I can't go. I have been to the doctor myself and by the time I get better, I'm sure they will all be right as rain. So I guess we will all just settle in, get on our pjs, take our meds, get our blankies and maybe take a few nice naps and sleep through the night, at least I hope they do at the Funny Farm.
I talked to my mom who lives not to far from FW. She has been feeling bad but is better now. Little Brother lives down road from the folks is sick. None of then have had the same thing so I guess it must just be the air up there.
I know what the problem is, it is January going on February. When we lived up there, this was about the time my hands and feet began to freeze nonstop. I would tell Pa I needed to go to Jamaica to get warm.
I know they have been warm but maybe they need some sea breeze, salt water, sand, tropical fruits,drinks and pink flamingos.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Most

They are moved... almost ...you know there is just a few more things left and we will get them later.
It was a long day and at the end of it poor Princess still wasn't in her own house. So last night when we left Axel was staying at new house and Princess and baby were going back to Granny and Pops. Today MIL and Princess will spend the day setting the house up the way she wants it. Axel will spend the day running wires from one place to another for heaven only knows what.
Today Pa and I are going back up to the big city for a art exhibit called Bedazzled by Tiffany. I like to look at the sparkly things. I would like for some of the sparkly things that Tiffany makes to come and live at my house. I have places for windows, lamps, sliver, gold,platinum,colored stones and clear stones lots of clear stones. They are all welcome and I could give them such a warm cozy place to stay. Dreaming just dreaming

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Moving Day

Today is the day
Princess is already on her way to the old house to finish packing . By night fall her little family should be settled in their new house just a few miles down the road.
Pa is in a hurry to get going, which just shows that after all these years he still doesn't know Princess very well. Late is her middle name and slow is her game

Friday, January 12, 2007

Look Look

See what I did. Over there on the side <- all by my self.
OK so A.O. helped me.
Hey... A..O that kinda of sounds like a song you know the one about bananas and daylight coming.
Do you ever really get the hang of doing this blog thing. I can't seen to be able to leave comments, which is why I started this and I can't seem to think of things to say unless it is late at night and I'm trying go to sleep.

I just read Farm Wife's blog and there is something on it about other people with the same name. Now I ask you how many mothers do you know, would pick the name Farm Wife for their sweet baby girls name. It took me a long time to pick that name You can't just pick a name and stick it on the baby. You have to give thought to the child's future. How will it sound with those important initials in front or behind it? You know Dr.Farm Wife,Farm Wife PhD., President Farm Wife or Farm Wife RFD (that means rural route for you city kids).
I spent many a cold winter night back in 76 knitting diapers, hats and booties in John Deer green dreaming of the day when my little one would jump up on her very own International Farmall tractor.
I just couldn't name her anything else Farm Wife was the perfect name.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I hit the publish button. Now I'm not sure were I was going with the last post. Oh yeah my memory. Well I have lost track so just forget it. My mind is off down another road.
Yesterday Pa and I went to pick up just a few things for Princess, to move to the new house. What a surprise we got when we pulled up and two pickups were full of furniture and bedding. Axel's gramp's was there and going to take advantage of the great weather. The house is now more then half empty and if winter comes this week I'm sure 2 boys will be thankful for gramp's wisdom. They moved last year at this time and if I could only remember I would tell you what the weather was like. I do remember it was a long day.
A peanut sat
On a railroad track,
His heart was all a-flutter.
Along came the five-fifteen,
Uh-oh, peanut butter!
That little poem is in honor of Princess. It is one of the few things that I can remember from her childhood. I have lots of memories but they are locked away and I have misplaced the keys.
For years I have said I have a bad memory and I'm tried of saying that. Our brains are remarkable organs and everything we have ever seen, smelled,tasted,felt and done is recorded there. It only takes a little bit of some stuff, I can't remember the name of it right now,and a little bit of something else to connect and spark then boom you got your memory.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Realm First

This looked like and sounded like fun until I got started. Setting one of these things up is not easy for someone who only surfs the web and does not really know anyting about computers.
I'm Farmwife's mama and I have been reading lots of blogs for over a year now. From time to time I would leave comments on Farmwife's blog but since this change over I haven't been able to so I'm joining the blog world.