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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get It done already

We had a garage with a extra room, built just 2 long years ago. It wasn't suppose to take this much time to get it done. Mind you the thing is nicer then our house at this point. I have a wonderful sewing room with a full bath, that has a large shower, tall toilet and space for 2 people to easily move about it. It was built with our parents in mind, now they aren't able to come down and won't be using it and that makes me sad each time I walk into it.

We were ask if we wanted stairs to the attic and like idiots said no, after a couple of trips up the pull down ladder, the stairs were built. The end of summer 1.
The attic was divided and dry walled. I have a large closet over the sewing room with cedar on the walls at both ends to keep bugs out of my yards and yards of fabric and winter coats. A beautiful old wood door to keeps people out if I need to hide gifts.

Summer came and we found out that it was to hot and humid in the closet. We ran free a standing air conditioner and fans in the garage to try and keep it cool in the attic. Then Pa put vents in the ceiling of the sewing room and 2 through the wall fans in the attic closet to circulate air. My mom gave us a dehumidifier to use along with the air conditioner that is in the sewing room, to keep things from mildewing or rotting. That all helped but a large Attic fan is going to have to be put in to help with the circulation and that should take care of that problem and finish the garage but NO.

Problem number 2 is spiders. Last summer HT and I spent the first half hour in the garage killing spiders. They have to have a homing device that lets every spider in the surrounding 5 miles know when one has found a good home so the rest can move to the new subdivision.
Because of wasp in the old shed and work needing to be done in the sewing room we couldn't play out side. It is also the south and the cool of the morning is at 5 AM. So HT learned to kill spiders and ride his 3 wheeler in " Grammy's Darage House".
That the fall Princess moved back home and the garage was filled with her stuff. We were out there one evening cleaning, repacking and killing spiders when Princess came across a Black Widow. The Widow was put in a jar for Babygirls science teacher much to Princess dismay but she was the biggest one I have ever seen, so why waste her?
Now spring has come again and so have new settlers, making me crazy. Princess has moved out and last night I was cleaning, rearranging and killing spiders when Pa came around to the back. Letting him know that something has to be done, we can't go through this again Pa said the only thing to be done is to close in the garage doors and so because our garage is not used for cars Pa will be building walls were the doors go and the spiders will just have to find yet another new subdivision.
PLEASE Dear Lord can this be the finish with no problems PLEASE? FarmGirl and Hands are coming for a visit and we need all that room