Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FarmWife and Bitsy

All went well and the little lady is here.
FW did much better with this c-section and thinks she will do well with recovery.

After she was back in her room she called and told each of the kids about Bitsy.

She was drinking Sprite and getting ready for a nap when Pa and I left.

Miss Bitsy is a sweet little thing 6lbs 3oz and 19 inches long.
She looks like each of her siblings and FW saw a little of Grandma M&M in her looks.
She has dark hair.

Farmboy is very proud.

We all thank God that this morning is over and it went well. Now its on to the holding and spoiling.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

my pg. daughter

we are sitting at uncle e's.
farmwife is being smart mouth because I am trying to work their lap top and am having trouble.
If she keeps it up she will be going to the hospital sooner then the 26th.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm getting ready......well kinda sorta

Come the weekend Art the Omnipotent, her daughter and I will be setting out for Farmwife's. AO and daughter will return home after a fun fill weekend of cleaning and sorting. I will be staying until Miss Bitsy is here and mom has knee replacement.

I can tell you that although I'm looking forward to meeting my newest grandchild, I am not looking forward to the C-section.
The last time around Pa and I were heading to the hospital and I fell apart crying like a baby.
When we got to the hospital, we went were they told us and no one came for us. We waited and waited, finely a nurse ask us if she could help, we told her what was going on and off she went. She came back with the news that BB was already heading for the nursery and FW would soon be in her room. We missed the C-section and what relief, all was well.

I have gone under the knife a number of times and it was no big deal. But that was me.
When Bubba was 4 and had to have minor surgery the doctor said it would be done in one hour. The hour came and went. I started to get very panicky and Pa had to keep telling it wasn't unusual for the surgery to take longer. A half hour later Bubba was back in his room and I was still mad at the doctor for not having him back to me in one hour like he said.

Waiting does not bring out my best especially when it is my child on the table.

I want to do better this time but the truth is that even now when I think about it I start to get queasy. I know it's not just the c-section but the whole birthing thing. I got this way when each grandchild was about to be born. Princess was nice enough to catch me off guard but then so was she.

Way back when I was in labor with FW my mom said "I wish I could do this for you". I thought she was nuts, who would want that pain. Now I know what mom meant.

Well, I won't think about that now, I will think about it tomorrow, after all tomorrow is another day.

Pa and I will post all about Miss Bitsy when she get here. Until then I have lots to do and I need to see Princess's little fat boy to get some loving time in before I'm gone.
So if you think about us say a prayer and I will post on the 26th.

Friday, June 08, 2007

BabyGirl turned 6

We were at her house on Monday, just days before the big day. She and I talked about her birthday. I said "I think you were just born last week" and she gave me one of those "are you nuts" looks. No I was born a long time ago.

Then why does it seem like last week?

You know I love that she is growing up, I would never want to stop that. BUT, I think it hurts my heart more this time around.
I was never in a hurry to see my children grow up. I believe that children need to be children, they have to be adults for such a long time. They need their childhood to learn about the world around them and they need to learn how to play and enjoy playing. So they won't grow up to be worrisome adults who can't relax.
I had friends who seemed to be in a hurry for their kids to grow up. I thought that was sad. Why would you want to miss all those little years.
Now BabyGirl and the boys are in those little years and I wish that I had a big house, big porch and yard just so I could sit and watch them play.

I want to yell " you get back over here and stay, don't eat that, get out of that water, don't fight with your....... one more Popsicle and your going to turn into one and other such things. I want to see them all sleeping on mats on the floor.

Someday I'm sure these dreams will come true. But for right now BabyGirl is six and it seems like just last week she was coming home for the first time.
In ten years when she is off to prom I know it will still feel like she just came kindergarten.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Real Story

I hope you enjoyed my story. Now the facts.

1. Dad did move north by Aunt R. and their cousin, my Aunt Winnie.

2. Grandpa did change the year of dad's birth.

3. Aunt R.'s boyfriend did get dad a job in the mills.

4.Dad and AR were very good looking.

5.Sunday Travels was a magazine.

6. My great-grandpa did make shine. But he drank up his profits.

7.Dad did tell us stories of the south side and Al Capone.
I have been told that there is a connection between Al and a doctor in the county were dad's family lived.

8. I'm not a heinous lair. I am not a storyteller. I couldn't make up a story if my life depended on it. There are just times when my imagination runs wild.