Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Little boys come to an age when, they eat, drink and sleep super hero's.
There are days when I am in so much danger that it almost takes my breath away.
HT has done his best to keep me and Pa safe, but it has been to much for one little boy. This evening HT became a Super Hero "Big Red Good Guy"
You know hero's have to have a name, HT rejected several descriptive names, I went to fix his bath and found his SH name "BRiGG".
So should you ever need a Super Hero just call BRiGG and he might answer or he may just tell you "don't call me dhat I'm HT to lork at smalltown TN".

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I hate TransFormers!!
Not the movies, I haven't seen them. It is the toys, at least the new ones. The first time around Bubba had the toys, somewhere around here, there is still one that was much loved. He was about the same age the grandsons are now, when he got his and I do not recall needing a full page 20 picture instruction sheet. That only turns the car into the robot, there are 20 more pictures on the back side to return the robot to the car. Then 2 large pictures showing you how to hook the gun up to the robot and the car.
Now, you might think I'm just to old to get the transforming thing and that is why I hate them, your wrong. I transformed Bumblebee just today.
It all started two Christmas's ago, FarmWife and family were coming home. Being the good Grammy I shopped. The tree was fat with goodies under it and I was ready to receive "Grammy of the Year". There were Transformers.
I had just forgot one little thing, Art and the Rapscallions would be by for a visit and would open their gifts, lots of Bakugan. Back to the store to get a couple for our boys so they could spend the evening playing instead of wishing. Turned out that Art's could only stay for a short time. Gifts opened the boys were happy, Art's boys knew how to transform the Bakugans for the Farmhands. Later FarmBoy decided to put his boys up, it took a while, the boys couldn't remember how to transform them.
Next morning the Transformers were opened and once again FarmBoy is put to work and once again it took a while, a long while, Pa worked on them, FarmBoy tried again and the boys played with HT's toys.
Even though everyone was happy I didn't feel like "Grammy of the Year" and said I would never buy another TransFormer or Bakugan again.
HT discovers TransFormers and wants to go to Aunt FW's almost everyday to play in the boys room. He is making me crazy so I buy him a Bumblebee and after messing with it for what seems like hours, I remember why I hate TransFormers

Friday, July 01, 2011

My new obsession, Hankies.

I have always loved hankies, it comes from the important women in my life. I can not recall a time when they did not have a hankie either in their hand or on their belt or in their pocketbook and most of the time in all three places.
Auntie M always tatted the edges of hers and I found it fascinating to watch her tatting the new ones.
Lace was the hankie of choice for Sunday, along with a plane one just in case a kid needed his nose wiped. Flowered hankies were carried on market days and visits to family or friends.
I don't recall giving mom a hankie but I am guessing that, sometime during our early school years, she was given one of the best hankies that R&L had on their shelves.
Years ago Pa's Granny gave me some of hers. Then his mom got out her collection of family hankies for us to divide up. Pa's sister took them home to freshen up and in the future we are to divide up among the 3 of us. I think it will be nice to pass hankies down 4 generation's.
I have been picking up a few hankies now and then, they are not as easy to come by anymore. Like many things, new products have replaced them. Who wants to wash and iron hankies anyway? Funny thing is I have always enjoyed ironing hankies, it was one of my first jobs.
Just a month ago Auntie Di and I were going to check out a quilt shop only to find out it was closed for the day, so we drove to another one and it had gone out of business. There were antique shops in that town so we spent some time digging through a basket of hankies, not many worth the asking price but we had a good time looking, talking and laughing.
I love hankies.