Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today and 61 years

Grandpa is settled in or at least as settled as he is going to get. He can't seem to mind the nurse when it comes to this whole "don't get up without me being here" thing. He is working hard.

Today Grandma is staying home for a much needed rest so she says. She does need to rest its been a long week. But I think she might have other plans to, like baking a pie or maybe some oatmeal cookies. Tomorrow is G&G's 61 st. wedding anniversary, so special is in the air.

Pa and I will be going over to visit for a while and perhaps shop on Grandpa's behalf.

Then Pa will be headed home and back to work.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Grandpa M&M called and needed Grandma up at the hospital. She and Pa were heading for the door and talking about something that needed to be done. Grandma then said something about money and having to go to the bank. She stopped, started crying and said "I can't do it, Dad always takes care of that now".
The words had no more then crossed her lips when she stopped crying and announced that she would just have to learn how to do it again, now, because he did it for her when she got sick and she would do it for him.

It was just a moment in time. One of those moments that writers and movie makers spend a lifetime trying to tell about. The moment were you see the vows, that were taken on a day that seems like a blur to most of us, encompass the whole of your world and bloom fresh yet again.
I don't think I will ever forget it, I hope I don't because it is among the truest and best of this world.

Tomorrow Grandpa will go to the rehab center and we are hoping he will only be there a short time. Grandma will be busy helping, as much as she can get away with.
Aunt SilverBell maybe home soon and she may just have to help with her recovery. There is no doubt that what ever needs to be done Grandma will want to have a hand in it.
She's got grit.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I forgot I must plan a party for the Queen

Get Going

It won't be long now. Pa and I are busy trying to make a list for the BIG trip.

I have been busy buying birthday goodies for some little people that I know.

I also picked up a new toy for HT and me. We will be testing it out tomorrow in between all the house work that must get done.

I spent last week visiting all the doctors once again. I found out that my brain is in very good shape for my age.
The migraines may have added to their repertoire, the vertigo and vision blurring are forms of migraines. No pain with the eyes just the aggravation of the blurring and no pain with the vertigo, just the dizziness and nausea. They are all vascular in nature. HOT DOG

I have lost the highest 2 decibels in my left ear, but my hearing is good. I think that the lose comes from FarmWife's scream. My brothers always said she was louder then the warning sirens.

My blood sugar is normal in the morning but starts to creep up as the day goes. I must now do the blood testing and diabetes meal planning along with losing weight and walking. All of this is to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes since it is a genetic factor in my dad's family line.

So High Ho, High Ho, its off to walk Pa and I will go.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It is 11;46 PM May 16th. Thirty two years ago at about this time I was letting the Pa and anyone else around that I had had ENOUGH!!

In just a few short hours it will be HAPPY BIRTHDAY time for FarmWife.

In honor of those hours I shall do the same thing I did back then. Sleep all day long.

FarmWife having not changed much since that day should spend her day trying to find out what is going on all around her.

Busha said she came out of delivery, laying on her tummy,with her head held high looking at the world. nosey nosey

Happy Birthday Ladybug
I love you

oz, truck and new friends

I'm having one of those weeks. You know were you go and go but get nothing done. This week I feel like I'm in OZ. I even have to set alarms and timers to remember to get ready to go to town. I was in town yesterday to return a blouse and exchange a belt and get the oil changed. In the middle of the store experience Bubba calls and his old car is dead. Were are you Mom? Were are you Bubba? He never ask if I could come get him. Just wanted me to know that the car was dead and that he would find a ride home, his buddy was coming into town and he would take him home to get the Saturn. He just hoped that buddy would get there soon because Bubba had to go to work. I picked him up, feed him and got him home and on the way back through town wondered what it was that I was going to do in town before Bubba's call.

Ugh.. why did I come to town?

Oh yes the oil change. But first a stop at the quilt shop to ask a question and with answer bought the book. Told Jean I was off to get the oil changed and she gave me a coupon for $$ off made me happy.
At the oil change place when they are done with the oil change, they check your lights and stuff. I am not fond of this part because for some reason I can't remember how to turn on the lights or the wipers and usually leave them wondering how in the world I got my licences. It was so bad yesterday that the boys got to laughing and one of them ask if I would like for him to reach through the window and help. I said sure and told them that I don't know why I couldn't remember which side was lights and which was wipers. They wanted to know if I could find the horn.
When my humiliation was over and they were guiding me out one of the boys ask if he could look at the inside of the HHR. I said sure got out and opened the back up showed off my car. He said he would love to have one and we talked about cars for a while. By the time we finished talking I had given him Pa's old truck.
Last night he, his wife and 3yr old son came over to check out the old truck. He was really happy that Pa was would just give him the truck.
Their son was a very busy boy with lots of questions and he took to Pa big time. Pa had to go all around the the yard looking at lots of things and then do it again 2 or 3 more times. Then it was time for them to look inside the HHR and sit in the back of it, get out close it up. open it and sit in the back again. Pa said it was time for the HHR to go to bed so they said good-night to it and the lights flashed back. His folks said it was time for them to leave and after several more good-nights to the HHR the Mom ask the little boy if he wanted to give Pa a good bye hug. The little guy reached right up for Pa and gave him a big hug. Mom and Dad said the little guy was not one to make friends with strangers and they were surprised at how he reacted to Pa and how comfortable he was around us.
So at least yesterday my oz-ie kind of day ended in a very pleasant way.

Old truck gone and new friends made.

Friday, May 09, 2008

party and books

I've been cruz'n the blogs.

I love books!! I love the smell of the bookstore. I love the feel of good paper. I love to read.
Guess what?

I am a very slow reader. Pa and the children can read a book in a day or 2 if it is a medium size a large one will take maybe 2 weeks of evening reading. All books take me twice as long as them. But that doesn't stop me. I have friends who teach over at the college who helped me some but I still read slow.

Know what?
I love to read out loud when no one is around.

Back when I read to the children I was good at reading out loud. As the years have passed I lost the ebb and flow of reading a loud. I realized that is probably the reason most people don't like to read something to other people. They haven't done it in so long that they think they sound dumb. I don't think Pa likes me to read to him but he lets me anyhow.

Books are always better then the movie. Most of the time the movie only shares, the title and characters names or just a small part of the story.

If a book starts out slow keep at it, it may get better as you go but if you get half way and its still bad you did your best. Use it to start a lovely fire and cozy up with your sweetheart or cook hot dogs with the kids.

Now I ask FarmWife "if she had a party for the Queen of England what would she do"? She had a good answer and so did Kork.
Now I'm asking you the same question.

Plan a party for the Queen of England or the queen of another real country and tell us about it. You can post it on your blog and just leave a note here directing us to your post or you can just post here.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


My detox is not going so very well. Last night I was up late, late looking at things on you tube.
It all began with visiting Grace and the little girl singing so sweet.

Just now I can't remember how, but I ended up on a breastfeeding video group. I didn't know that breastfeeding could be such a disturbing event. Some lady was feeding her baby and people around her got upset and my my what a fuss. I wonder just how modest the woman was. After watching other videos on this subject it made me wonder if any of these women understood the meaning of the word modest.
30 odd years ago I nursed my baby in the main hall of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and had a nice conversation with a older gentleman sitting next to me. At first I was nervous about him knowing what was going on but when the whole event was over I realised that the man probably didn't even know I was breastfeeding. I was so proud of myself.
When I was a kid there was a woman down the street who had a new baby and mom took me with her to see the baby. That woman had no modesty and I well remember being disgusted by her behavior.
I also had a unpleasant experience as young woman and said I would never breastfeed.

However my best friend in college became a new sister during our freshman year and 2 more times after that. On one of my visits to her families home I witnessed Mrs. B. nursing she was so gentle and modest and that is when I knew that I could do that.
After the breastfeeding I went looking about quilting and found such cool things. Pa got up at 1:30 am and put a stop to my you-tube. THANK YOU PA

Friday, May 02, 2008

I need to detox

You know we have DSL and that I hate it, that is I hate almost all of it. I have in the last few weeks become a junkie of web-site jumping.

It all starts out so simple and innocent. Who is that guy? Were can you get that? And the worst What has FarmWife posted today? Could Princess have posted? What about Art? I need to know. So simple and 4 hours later I have to force myself off the information highway.

Today, after looking up Diabetes, I found out that Wu-Yi tea, the new diet drink, is nothing more then oolong tea and the weight loss is due to the food intake or lack of it and exercise.

However if you need to drop that $75. to $200. on the tea so you can lose weight, its your mind and your money.

Finding out about the tea lead me to colon cleansing products. All of which cost lots and the main ingredient is the same as Metamucil.
What hideous stories they tell and when you check them out, most are lies, Elvis and John Wayne to get your notice.

I even found a Dr. Bill in Jackson,Tn. who has a "Holy Thistle" tea that does wonders. He has a wellness center, except you can't find it or him listed in Jackson, Tn. In some of the other sites that sell his tea, they just say Dr. Bill in Tennessee.

Then I was off to another site.

I'm telling you this is almost as bad as my addiction to Pepsi. I have to stop this before I become one of those seedy characters who hasn't bathed or left their house in years.

Just one more hit of useless information I need a fix.

NO, I need detox.

I'm going to clean my house

some of it

a little of it

OK I'm cleaning off the table