Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm calling it a night. Is that a good thing. You ask ? .......... YES
.......BEcause right now I would just like to randomly punch people in the face...............I don't have anyone in mind just people. I would just like to walk around somewere and punch people.

I have been like this for a little while now first I couldn't stop crying over nothing, I don't cry... really, I don't....... well I do over old movies... that don't count. I cried just because it was getting dark .
Then I woke up with pain in my neck and spent the weekend getting that worked out or some such thing.
Today started out OK but about noon it started to twist and here I am.
I tried to watch comedy TV, my dead dog is funnier then what TV has to offer. I tried a new movie and the same thing could be said about the movie. WHAT DO PEOPLE DO TO LAUGH IF THEY DON'T LIKE STUPID MOVIES FILLED WITH HALF NECKED WOMEN AND MEN GETTING HIT IN THE CROTCH? Does Hollywood know how to make anything else? Those people need to get a life outside of the dog pound for Pete sake. Talk about inbreeding. There is a big old world out here and all they can do is make the same stupid movie sixteen hundred ways and then make it a TV sitcom and run it for 5 years.

I don't like being like this , no, not at all. I don't know what is causing it and that adds to my desire to punch someone. I don't like the feeling of wanting to punch someone I'm not the punching type.

And now that I have put this down I'm going to bed and just maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Being home is a good thing. It is 9:30 PM and I have spent most of the day asleep and am going back there very soon.
I'm not sure just how I am feeling emotionally right now, it always takes me a long time to process these things.
I do know that I am thankful that my father and mother-in-law are in a place were they can get help fast, if need be.
I'm sad that they are not were they want to be. They loved their house.
I will miss is walking out the back door and seeing them sitting on the swing or the glider visting with family and watching their children and grandchildren playing with the great-grandchildren in the big old yard.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I didn't say that

Today has been a fabulous day.
BabyGirl, Art's daughter and I went to BerryHill to do a little shopping.
1st. stop was The Fabric House to look around for new upholstery material for a chair that was Grandma M&M's. I have 2 samples that I like very much, one a modern dot and the other soft green with flowers and butterflys. Then I found a fabric that is black with gold and silver threads, in what I would call Victorian design, it may end up on a old chair that I bought at an auction. Our best find was a white fabric with a tree and yellow bird, very in style. FarmWife will be making 2 throw pillows out of it, one for her house and one for Art's.
We lunched at the PFunky Pancake, were we cooked our French Toast and eggs on the griddle in the center of our table. Then it was off to the Be Dazzled Beads to gather the makings of new bracelets. Once BabyGirl picked out her beads she spent the rest of the time loving on the store dogs. She may be missing the livestock back on the farm.
Our last stop was to pick up pizza for Pa and Uncle Gick.
After they got in the house Pa ask BG for a hug to which he got The Look along with NOooo he ask " don't you love me anymore"? He got another look and a "I didn't say that" while she was ducking out of the kitchen.
Now if you don't have a couple of granddaughters who are around 3rd grade you really need to borrow a couple. Ask them lots of questions and watch their faces...clueless can be funny at times.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Forget Facebook

You don't really have to forget it just set a limit on your time there.
Come back here and write. I miss the going ons of blogdom.
Come back and tell the stories of the kids and husbands doing what they do best.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's 12:15 and I should be in bed. HT will be here in the morning and I will be wishing I could stay in bed just a little longer.
Oh well.........
Last night it was midnight before I got to bed because of flies. That is right flies.
I made a couple of quick trips out doors without the boy finding out. It was when I went to the mailbox that he decided that he had to come with me and that was only after I was clear out at the mailbox. HT was on his way down the steps and the door was open wide.
Not long after we were back inside I heard that lovely buzz, not the soft warm day buzzing but the dive bomber buzzing. You know the one that gets on your nerves real fast and makes you want to kill something. Each time I thought I had that fly cornered and ready to kill it, it got away and got quite.
Come bed time that fly must have decided that I was to dumb to catch it, I was beginning to think the same thing, so it got real cocky and I got ticked.
My game plan came to me and I went to work. I turned on the light in the front bathroom, then went to put on my pj's, turning off the rest of the lights on my way to the bedroom.
I headed back up to the bathroom, picking up the fly swatter along the way.
Praying as I go, "Lord I'm sorry I know you created that fly but could you just send it into the bathroom so I can kill it. I don't like killing your creatures and I did tried to get it out of the house but it wouldn't go and you know my rule about bugs, I don't go to their house and they don't come into mine."
That big old fat fly was sitting on the middle of the wall just waiting and I missed it. I missed it 2 more times before it went to the watery depths.
Proud of myself I went to turn on the night lamp, low and behold a fly came up out of it. Since the plan had worked once I gave it another try, after missing this one 3 or 4 times I got it flushed. My hard work done I needed to put the swatter in the laundry closet and get a drink, so off to the kitchen I went, turning on the light I was greeted by fly #3 I took a swing and the fly disappeared. Now I don't know if I killed that fly or if it went into the fly hospital because of post stress disorder, but I do know that it never made a sound last night and couldn't be found this morning.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

OK, so it is also crazy.
My little realm is in a mess and there is no end in sight...at least it's that way to me.
I can be calm and going with the flow one day and the next I'm ready to stomp and scream.
I am trying to set up projects that I want done come Christmas, each one has just that one little thing missing, packed in a box somewhere.
I'm trying to put our bedroom in order but I have things I need packed in a box somewhere.
It is this packed in a box somewhere that is making me nuts.
My unfinished "Dargehouse" is filling up with boxes I have looked through and not found what I needed.
My sewing room is filling up fast and even though I am getting it in order, little by little, it is a mess.
My plan of room for fun has turned into a "let me move this, so we have some room"
I even found some of my sewing things in Bubba's old room, two weeks after I needed them for a coat I was sewing Beck. At least I have them and they are now lost in my sewing room, to be found later.
I know Pa will get my attic and Dragehouse done in a few weeks but I'm not sure he's going to be able to find it .........it's in a box some were............

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does life make you CRAZY at times or can you just go with the flow?

I'm getting more them just a little frustrated I'm heading for crazy. Pa got my room done but now I can't seem to get it put together. I need things and I need my attic space done to store these things. The problem is that Pa is working, working and working. Now that is not a bad thing except he is tired and short of time, which means my stuff is not getting done.
It seems to me that if we pay to have the work finished all of Pa's hard work is for nothing. He is just tired and we haven't made any headway in either paying off bills or saving money.
So I guess I will just go a little crazy, make a big pile in the middle of my "darage house" and come fall move it, so Pa can work in there some more. Pay bills, save some money and show something for all his hard work.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last week Pa and I were returning from big city. One of our stops that day was the gun shop. Pa is looking at a hand gun that holds shot gun shells.
When we first looked at this type gun last year I was fine with it, because I thought we would be moving to the deep country and it would come in handy should a snake decide to come to close. Now that we are not moving I see no need for this gun but we stopped and looked around.

Side story... there was a really cool round gun there. It was made in the late 1800's in Chicago and was probably used by dishonest people as it could be hidden in your hand....

I told Pa "I can deal with the rifles but don't want a hand gun around because of the children" Then I said "I don't really like rifles either guess that comes from almost killing my brother" to which Pa wanted to know what I was talking about.

The story:
We were down home in southern Illinois visiting family. My great grandparents and a couple of aunts & uncles lived up and down the road from grandma's. We were visiting the greats that day and I was wondering. They had a farm and the south side yard ran down to the barn yard drive, lots of wondering room. Grandma loved flowers and I was more then likely smelling each and every one, working my way down to the barn yard fence along the fence and back up to the house. There was a pump just outside the kitchen door and I most likely had to get a drink and that is when I noticed the boys. ..... Note Dad came from big family, he has sibling and cousins same age as his children....
My uncle and cousin had been down in the woods hunting and worked their way up to Grandma and Grandpa's. The boys were over on the north side of the house shooting at cans on the fence. I walked over and ask oldest brother what he thought he was doing. I'm sure he said something like "shooting cans stupid" I remember asking if I could shoot the gun and oldest brother handed me the one he had. I ask "are the bullets real"? "NO" the boys said.
I took that rifle, set the barrel on the side of brother's head and said " You mean if I shoot this gun nothing will happen to you"? I can still feel and see that moment. I can feel the pressure of my muscles tighten to pull the trigger, see the end of the gun at his head and feel the hand of God stopping my finger from pulling the trigger. I see the gun barrel moving down pointing towards the ground, see my brothers hands taking the rifle back and see my feet as I walk away to go do something else. Never giving it another thought.
I couldn't even tell you what event brought back that memory in later years. I just know that when it came I could still see it, feel it and feel God Almighty gently and firmly keeping my finger from moving. I can see myself walking way without the least bit of concern, yet knowing something I didn't understand had just happened. To this day it is one of the most intense memories I have and I know that I know that God's hand saved me that day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today was a good day for me. I spent it in Berry Hill an area just south of Nashville. Nothing big not a tourist place, just little houses built back in the 50-60's that now have specialty shops.
BabyGirl will have a few new beads, Bitsy will have a frilly skirt someday and Inkling's little guy will have a wooden snowman to build next year or maybe sooner.

Pa is on the finishing up side of my new sewing/craft room, then the job of filling it begins and that is going to be a BIG job. It is so nice and I really don't want to junk it up but I'm afraid that is what is going to happen once I get all my stuff in it. I just keep telling myself that it takes time to get organized then it will be fine. That is for a sewing/craft room.