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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jobs not handouts

I'm with Joe on this one. (post after my thoughts)

I watched the completion between Boeing and Lockheed for the contract to build. The plane has many interesting gadgets and goodies about it. What got my attention was the information that was given about the age and status of our existing Large military equipment. According to the program our fleet is made up mostly of ships built for WWII and shortly there after. Although they have held up well they must be replaced.
I didn't know that the USS Enterprise is now over 30 years old did you?
Our aircraft is not in much better shape. There planes in use that were used in Viet Nam, that ended 37 years ago.
I feel, that if we wish to be as free as we are, here in the USA, we must insure that freedom.

Like most people I hate the thought of war, let alone the being at war.
It would truly be a wonderful world if we didn't have to have the ability to defend ourselves.
But in this real world we must have that capability and it must be maintained.

In doing so people make a living.

Senate vote blocks plan to add F-22s

Obama administration wins effort to cease production of fighter
By Kristina Sherry Tribune Newspapers
July 22, 2009
WASHINGTON - -- In a political victory for the Obama administration and a surprising defeat for some lawmakers in both parties, the Senate voted Tuesday to halt further production of the Air Force's F-22 Raptor fighter jets.The 58-40 vote was on an amendment to the $680 billion defense authorization bill to strip the $1.75 billion set aside for the construction of seven more of the fighter jets.If the Senate's move is sustained in the House-Senate conference version of the bill, F-22 production would cease at 187 planes.President Barack Obama lobbied intensely against funding the F-22s, threatening what would have been his first presidential veto. Proponents of the F-22 argue that the twin-engine, missile-eluding Raptor fighter jet is important for homeland defense. The aircraft was originally designed to counter a potential Soviet threat, and some now suggest China and Russia are developing aircraft that could compete with the F-22. The fighter jets are manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp. at a plant in Marietta , Ga. According to the company, 25,000 people are directly employed in building the F-22, and an additional 70,000 have indirect links.

A Joe question?
Someone needs to please enlighten me…… Instead of Americans loosing another 100,000 jobs, why couldn’t “Stimulus” money be focused toward building the aircraft that protects America ?
As the President says about his pet agendas: “it’s cost neutral.”
Joe says: “Building these aircraft keeps Americans productive and working in good jobs, instead of signing up for unemployment. With the savings in unemployment payouts, we gain the world’s # 1 combat aircraft at no charge!”
Still an American,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today has not been such a good day. I had big plans, that is for me, but the weather changed and my head decided pain was called for. I took the medicine and a short nap knowing I would be fine when I woke.

Nope the headache was gone but my whole body hurt and still does. My big plans have only gotten started in a very small way BUT tomorrow is another day and I will once again have big plans and a little person to fill the day.

Princess called this evening and I heard HT in the back ground telling her lots of things. That's how I know tomorrow is going to be full. HT is becoming very talkative and his imagination is expanding with each passing week.
Last week he visited his other grandma and I didn't see him until Saturday night. He had changed so much in just a week that it was a bit unnerving.
All my grand babies are changing to fast and while I'm very thankful for their good growth I already miss their babyhood. BabyGirl is 8 now, back in April I was holding her on my lap, like a baby, and asking her what I was going to do with a 8 year old. Neither of us knew but both of us were happy that she was turning 8. And yet it wasn't long ago that we were playing hide and seek with her plastic Kermit the Frog and I was trying to teach her to say "yahoo froggy".
Now it's HT saying "baby -hide- closet yahoo Pa.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yeah for Today

Art and I just finished watching some of1900's House. I'm THANKFUL to be living in 2009, here in America we have so many wonderful contraptions.
After seeing Colonial House, Frontier House and now 1900"s I know that those women welcomed anything that made their work easier.
My Auntie M had what seemed to be a house full of odd utensils used in housekeeping. I would check each new find out with great interest and try to use the tool properly. In the end most seemed to make the job harder or spread the dirt farther then when we started.
I have gone back to using baking soda and vinegar when cleaning but I'm sure I'm sticking with my sweeper and wash machine. No pumping or twisting for me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lost on the Net

Yet another day gone by and I haven't gotten anything I am suppose to do done.
I was set to get started and my nose decided to take over and occupy my afternoon and empty my tissue box. Now the drug is starting to work and I don't want to. But I will give it a try and may just end up getting something little done. In my book even getting something little done is counted as a big thing. It makes me feel thankful.

I did clean out all my e-mails and then ended up on Facebook.
Facebook makes me more then a little crazy as I don't seem to find most of the comments that the e-mail has told me someone sent.
While looking for the comments I end up side tracked and lose sight of the time, which ends up being hours instead of minutes.
People are kind to me and send gifts and request that I can't get because I don't know how to get into that stuff. I'm just waiting for FarmWife to come home and show me but now that I'm thinking about it I might just ask Beck to come over and help me. Beck isn't doing much right now, just getting ready to marry Bubba.
Today I enjoyed yet another favorite place.
I made the long trip to Fayetteville to purchase some lace panels and lining for the curtains I will be making. Now if your thinking" Why go so far?" let me tell you, you can not buy that stuff anyplace else in TN for $2.00 a panel. Should I make a mistake during the process I won't be out boo coo bucks. Thus making the trip well worth it and it is a pretty ride down 65 and across 64.
That and the fact that when your done shopping you can go to Honey's and have a Slawburger.
Pa wanted me to wait until tomorrow so he could go with me. I know it was the Slawburger and not my company that would make him lose sleep. No way Jack! I got other things to do tomorrow so you lose.
I went, saved my money, enjoyed my burger and got Pa a pint of slaw. Now all he needs is hamburger, the good kind that will complement the slaw.

Enjoy Pa enjoy

Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Short Weekend

Saturday morning early early Pa and I left for Central IL. again. This time it was to surprise Pa's mom and dad. His aunt was celebrating her 90Th with a family party.

One day last week Grandma M&M called to see if we remembered to send a card. I told her no we had forgotten, she gave us instructions to e-mail a note and they would take it with them. We didn't do that either and about half way up to IL I told Pa that she was probably really frustrated with us.
We walked into the party and Aunt L smiled with a Oh you came all that way, I'm so pleased kind of smile. Then I think she said "Pa and the Queen Mom are here" and Grandma M&M turned her head. You know how the unexpected doesn't register for a second and is then followed with excited reaction. That was Grandma. I wish it had been filmed. While Grandma was hugging and crying with Pa. Grandpa was taking it all in but couldn't see who Grandma was hugging and I'm sure he was thinking it was a niece or nephew. I leaned down to hug Auntie and Grandpa and I made eye contact, his surprise wasn't as wet as Grandma's but it was funny too.

On Sunday morning we drove down to my Great Grandparent's family Reunion and enjoyed the day with cousins. The evening was spent with FarmWife's family, then the drive half way home. We stopped in Franklin for lunch at Dobson's. They have the best fried chicken and today it was better then usual or so it seemed. I was wishing they had a all you could eat deal. We may have still been there this evening if Pa hadn't of had to go to work.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

Miss Beck (our soon to be DIL) is at the hospital tonight after a fun evening of panic attacks.

She moved into town a few months back and is living alone for the first time in her life. Throw in planning a wedding and the thought of being the center of attention when you are not the type that enjoys center stage its no wonder the poor kid is panicked.
I know how she feels. I remember enjoying all my wedding planning. But when it was time for the showers and I realized people were going to be looking at me the fun was over.
So do me a favor and say a prayer for Beck.