Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, May 24, 2015

   FarmWife and the little people came home for Arts wedding and after enjoying the wedding yesterday afternoon we came home to enjoy the evening filled with our children. Cots were set up and lots of time taken to get ready bed and not quite as much time taken to fall a sleep. This morning our house is full of noise and more adventures with their own sound affects and songs. There is a robot song  and a mudslide song helping to story to move along.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Some times the hardest thing to do, is just start.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

No long drives

 Bubba, had a birthday today.
The boy was due on my twin brothers birthday but came on my brother-in-laws birthday , 5 days ahead of time.
 When I found out we were having another baby, I wanted to go to the big city again, Pa said no.
I found a doctor I liked and after he checked me out and calculated the due date, he informed me, he would take care of me but wouldn't be around in March because it was Spring Training in Florida. I was handed over to the new guy and after a couple of visits I was happy with him. We took our classes and got ready for a mid-March delivery, then just sat around looking at each other.
  March came and my sister stopped by to pick up FarmWife so we could rest. We went to the big city to see "The Devil and Max Devlin", then to the Mall. It was a nice evening. We went to the Hallmark shop to get cards for my brothers and while I was looking at cards Pa decided to go over to the sport shop for a minute. He wasn't happy when he got back and I was in the same place he had left me. He was walking and talking at the same time and I was just staring at him, he got to me and wanted to know why I didn't answer him. I looked at him and said in a loud whisper "EITHER MY WATER HAS BROKE OR I JUST WET MY PANTS" Then we both stood frozen and staring, until another contraction and some more water. We left the big city and on the way home I said "if I had been going to the doctor over here, we could have just gone to the hospital" Pa had just what he did not want, another long drive to the hospital.

Monday, August 05, 2013

  Even after all these years his face was filled with love songs that lead you to her.
He had eyes dark and drawing, skin that caused you to think of the English country side.
She was a beauty the kind that grew softer and better with age.
They were a perfect match in looks and life, anyone would tell you that, anyone but her.  She loved him now, coming into that love like the summer evening slowly moving into the night.

  Poets tell of love in many forms and shapes, hers had been like the hummingbird fast and surprising in it strength. She filled her days with work at the factory. Her evenings spent helping mother with children, cooking and chores, then came the moments of solitude with his letters.
  Marriage was coming with his return, each letter held the newest plan for their life ahead. Payday would add something to her hope chest newly embroidered pillow cases, blankets, table clothes, silverware,  things mothers need not see and dreams.

  The whistle blew, a break called, Sister knew she would find her outside, they always met for those few minutes, a letter may have come and they could share the joys of each other's love's.
 Dappling shade covered the lawn but Sister found it hard see her there by the edge, something was wrong terrible wrong each step proved that, She was like a porcelain figurine yet like a rag doll thrown in a corner.
  In trembling voice "He has come home. He was just here. He doesn't love me there is no wedding, he doesn't love me anymore, he doesn't love me".

  The chest was empty She had given her things to others, she didn't want the reminders, she didn't want this life. Her heart had began to encase itself trying to stop the pain. Pain can lead you to strange places, hers said the CITY, a new life, a free life what ever she wanted, whom ever she wanted, She packed.
    His easy ways drew them together, freedom was all they wanted  the city gave and they took. Evenings spent on the stoop watching, evening spent exploring the city, evening with friends talking, playing cards, being free.

  His love sprouted somewhere along those evenings, slowly it climbed reaching into his heart loosening freedoms grip replacing it with a longing for marriage,family and home.
 She too let go of freedoms grip, Just which day love came only she knows.
  We are left to wonder.

Need a map

 Getting around the in this computer world is getting harder and harder. I have spent hours trying to get on this page, maybe I shouldn't count the time I spent on Pintrest  because I had to get an e-mail telling me about my blog account and got side tracked. OH yeah then there was the whole spider poster that I never did find but I did find some funny signs that went on FB.
 Well, I'm here now.
I forgot what I wanted to say

Thursday, February 14, 2013

  I just want to say something.
 I hate Valentine's day!  I have thought of it, as the day you get to find out just how unacceptable you really are, for most of my life.
  I know this thought process comes from grade school days and that over the years I enjoyed parts of the day.
I enjoyed it when the children were little. I still have my treasures of those days. But those were the sweet moments.  As the years have gone by I have returned to hatred of those bygone days. Hallmark, TV, jewelry and candy are all to blame. 
 You must get things today or that "someone" doesn't really love you and wait you can't get just a thing it must be thingS or they might not love you enough. 
 You don't have "someone" pity on you better luck next year or here you can have this.
Back in grade school we got our bags or boxes covered and decorated and ready for all the love coming our way. The big day, valentines passed out, cookies and milk passed out, time to open your cards. This is were the hurt starts, 17 kids in your class and only 12, 11, 10, 8 cards in your box. "How many cards did you get?" "I don't know I'm waiting until I get home." "Why" "I just want to."
 It happened to me and I watched it happen to lots of other kids, it hurt.
  My mom was a wise woman and made sure that we had a card for every kid in our class and yes I remember not wanting to give a certain boy a card, he picked his nose all the time.(still can't handle that) Today things seem different in the schools a gentler kinder party. Today, adults are being put back into classrooms, back to the "How many" only it's "What all did  you get?"  
And as much as I loved the flowers I got I still hate Valentine's day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get It done already

We had a garage with a extra room, built just 2 long years ago. It wasn't suppose to take this much time to get it done. Mind you the thing is nicer then our house at this point. I have a wonderful sewing room with a full bath, that has a large shower, tall toilet and space for 2 people to easily move about it. It was built with our parents in mind, now they aren't able to come down and won't be using it and that makes me sad each time I walk into it.

We were ask if we wanted stairs to the attic and like idiots said no, after a couple of trips up the pull down ladder, the stairs were built. The end of summer 1.
The attic was divided and dry walled. I have a large closet over the sewing room with cedar on the walls at both ends to keep bugs out of my yards and yards of fabric and winter coats. A beautiful old wood door to keeps people out if I need to hide gifts.

Summer came and we found out that it was to hot and humid in the closet. We ran free a standing air conditioner and fans in the garage to try and keep it cool in the attic. Then Pa put vents in the ceiling of the sewing room and 2 through the wall fans in the attic closet to circulate air. My mom gave us a dehumidifier to use along with the air conditioner that is in the sewing room, to keep things from mildewing or rotting. That all helped but a large Attic fan is going to have to be put in to help with the circulation and that should take care of that problem and finish the garage but NO.

Problem number 2 is spiders. Last summer HT and I spent the first half hour in the garage killing spiders. They have to have a homing device that lets every spider in the surrounding 5 miles know when one has found a good home so the rest can move to the new subdivision.
Because of wasp in the old shed and work needing to be done in the sewing room we couldn't play out side. It is also the south and the cool of the morning is at 5 AM. So HT learned to kill spiders and ride his 3 wheeler in " Grammy's Darage House".
That the fall Princess moved back home and the garage was filled with her stuff. We were out there one evening cleaning, repacking and killing spiders when Princess came across a Black Widow. The Widow was put in a jar for Babygirls science teacher much to Princess dismay but she was the biggest one I have ever seen, so why waste her?
Now spring has come again and so have new settlers, making me crazy. Princess has moved out and last night I was cleaning, rearranging and killing spiders when Pa came around to the back. Letting him know that something has to be done, we can't go through this again Pa said the only thing to be done is to close in the garage doors and so because our garage is not used for cars Pa will be building walls were the doors go and the spiders will just have to find yet another new subdivision.
PLEASE Dear Lord can this be the finish with no problems PLEASE? FarmGirl and Hands are coming for a visit and we need all that room