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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How's your mouth?

Have you ever seen someone cuss at their child? Did you notice the child's face or body after the assault? It is very much like the reaction of a person who has been slapped hard or stabbed.

We do lots of stupid things in our day to day living. Without a doubt one of the worst thing we do is use language that inflects pain.

It has been said " the pen is mightier then the sword"

Why is that?

Is it because a knife wound is to the flesh and a word wound is to the soul?
Perhaps it is because a flesh wound leaves us with a visible scar and we must come to terms with it and live with the sight of it. The soul wound is a hidden wound that we think we can push aside and it will just go away.

Cussing or curse?

As long as I can remember, the action of foul words have carried the title of cussing. When I heard someone say that another person used curse words my thought was " it's cuss not curse". I now know that they are curse's.

1.The calling down of evil or harm upon one.
2. Affliction
a. cause pain and distress to
3. Swear at
a. make or cause to make a solemn statement or promise under oath
b. use profane language

1.Treat with irreverence
2. serving to debase what is holy

1. sacred
2. spiritually pure
Free of foreign matter,contamination, or corruption
change from good to bad

No matter how you defend yourself it all comes down to Words, they bring life or death.
Which do you want to speak into your child's life?
Which do you want to speak into any one's life?
Which one do you want spoken into your life?
More then not, what you send out, you get back.
How's your mouth?

Monday, July 21, 2008

English OR how I got out of high school

I can spell better then I thought. The truth is I can sight read better then I can spell. If I see a word once or twice it gets tucked away in my little brain somewhere and I can pronounce it the next time I see it. Spelling a word or grouping words is a whole other thing.

Back in my high school days all you had to do was get 1 English class in for graduation.

40 years ago, this September, I started the 10th grade and my first year in high school.
Back then, at Griffith schools freshmen were top dogs in Jr. High, it could have been that way in other towns to I only remember Griffith.

I hated English, I do not understand it. That makes life rough when you want to go to college or even write a letter. I wanted to go to college and would take the whole day to write a letter to my cousin.
For me English class added to that wonderful feeling you have about yourself at 14. You know the one with all the ugly thoughts about yourself.

First day of school and the question "who did you get"? Mr. Harken "Oh he is nice you will like him" No I won't he teaches English and I hate English. I'm never going to get through high school.
Turned out Mr Harken was a wonderful and wise teacher. He broke up the literature and grammar so that you could pass the class if you only tried. I tried, oh how I tried when it came to grammar. The lit. part came easy and was fun for me. One grading period I would get a D because that was mostly grammar, the next I would get an A or B because it was mostly reading.
Come the end of the year it worked out to a passing grade, a trip to Chicago and a gratefulness that has lasted 40 years.
My grade school dictionary still sits on my desk. I have a Franklin dictionary book marker and spell check rates right up there with sliced bread.

I remember the names of only 2 of my teachers, Mr Harken and Miss Beanblossom.
Mr Harken got me through English and Miss Beanblossom gave me a love of sewing.
Your Spelling is Okay
You got 7/10 correct.

Your spelling is a bit of a problem. Your instincts on how to spell things aren't horrible, but you often make an embarrassing mistake or two.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

To Late

I missed out on the dates for the little alone vacation. Little house has been booked for the weekend that I wanted it. Oh well, that tends to be the story of my life. I will just start looking for someplace else.
I have a cousin that lives in Kentucky and since I haven't seen her for a while I might just go visit her and the quilt museum. I'll think about it for now.

Today I must get to all the mail that is setting on the end of the table. Oh how I HATE not having someplace other then the kitchen table to put mail. Before we left in May I had all the paper work and junk done but now Mount Mail is back and today before I close my eyes again the plan is to have it gone. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha Just take me to my cell padding and all.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Found a Spot

I have found a little hide-away and its not so far away, just far enough.
Now all I need is the money, reservations and a sitter for HT and I'm good to go.
If this works out I will do 2 things
1. go through a stack of magazines and cut out the thing I want to put in a notebooks.
2. go to the big quilt show at the end of the week.
There is a big part of me that wants this real bad and the part that says if it doesn't happen that's OK (that part is lying)

Today HT is here for the first time since our trip. He is very busy watching the kids and sucking down milk, his morning routine.
He has on the cutest one piece Jammie's, made all the cuter when he walks and his derriere twist. I would let him wear them all day but we are going shopping so he will just have to put on a cute pair of bib shorts that so the same thing. Babies waddle cute don't they?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now back to work

The fun has come to an end. I hope.

We are now back home and it is time to get all things back in order and place.
Time to start thinking about Christmas and what needs to be put on the BIG LIST.
Time to get caught up on the news around here.
Visit with some friends.
And time to start looking for a place to go for a few days.

Its time for QM to be quite and alone.

Maybe a tent, a book and some music.